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Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm it.... again

So, Mr. Valance was tagged to answer some questions before, and he challenged ALL of his readers to answer the queries he posted for us. Me being the good sport I am, I accept the challenge. Ia li!

1 Best subject?
         DEFINITELY History, especially the "Old West" and Native Culture

2 And the worst?
         Probably Biological Science

3 What do wish you’d tried harder at?
         Sports. Except archery, I never really enjoyed anything else...

4 Your proudest moment?
          Being accepted into my county 4-H Hall of Fame

5 And your worst moment?
          I was clumsy... Pick any time I fell down while standing still, and THAT'S my worst moment.

6 Something you wish you’d done?
          I wish I would have had the chance to travel more growing up

7 Something you wish you hadn’t done?
          Wish I had NEVER lied to mama... BIG mistake as a kid

8 The worst punishment?
          The school calling mom. She had a paddle, and I'd get a whippin from her, the principle, the teacher, and my dad. Then, I had to call my grandparents, my "4-H mom", my aunts and uncles, and others who were like family and tell them what I'd done. The thought scared me so much that I never got in trouble in school.

9 The worst thing you had to wear?
           Pink. I found pictures, from when I was little, of me wearing pink. I want to go back in time and slap the kid version of me sometimes.

10 The best school trip?
           I was in Gifted & Talented in elementary school (like a group for smart kids). One year, they took us on a trip to "Woolaroc". It's a park/museum full of Native, cowboy, and oil boom history. We were there the whole day, and I STILL didn't even see half of it! I hope I get to go back sometime. The part I remember best was driving in. It was a mile or two drive trough a wildlife preserve full of buffalo, deer, and several other animals. It was SO pretty!

11 And the worst school trip?
          Probably in 4th grade when they took us to the state capitol. It was interesting, but I don't think that was a very good trip for our age group. They should have waited till we were older so EVERYONE could appreciate it, not just me and one or two others.

Well, I hope you liked the answers you got. I won't tag anyone because I don't have many people who read this anyway. Till next time. Chi pisa lachike!


  1. Yup, you're a good sport, Trinity. Good answers, too. You mean you really lied to you Mama? Well I'll be damned, I'd never have thought it. Thanks for taking part, Pard. Cheesey peasey lacheeky.

  2. Only once. I was little, and I think it was about how one of my toys broke or something. I'll never lie to her again, that's for sure!

  3. Well I'm sure glad you mended your wayward ways, just like me.

  4. Hey Sweetie,

    I'm so sorry I have been over to visit...I've been getting a series written...a book a month and the books rage from 45,000 words to 60,000 so as you can imagine I don't see anything but my work or go anywhere (blogsville) I guess you've noticed I don't even show up much at Valance's these days. I do miss you all and I do hope to come back soon...but I've got to keep up and meet my deadlines and right now time for both places is near impossible...such is a writer's life.


    1. I totally understand. It won't be but a few weeks and I'll be SUPER scarce again as finals tests are approaching. Then I'll be out for summer! No classes! (but I'll probably catch up on my sleep lol) Such is the life of a college kid! Ha ha ha. Hope you meet all your deadlines and do great! :)