Halito means hello in Choctaw. Welcome to the Council Fire. This is just a place where I plan to post thoughts on things, videos, pictures, and possibly some stories. Hope you enjoy what you read!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New ASL Songs!

Halito! I had some time the other day, and I started to feel froggy, so I decided to film some new ASL (American Sign Language) videos. I did a few more of dwight Yoakam's songs, one of Garth Brooks', and even one by Cher. I had a lot of fun in the filming proccess (when I wasn't mad at myself for my mistakes), but had even more fun during the editing. One of my videos, the one for "A Thousand Miles From Nowhere", had a lot of parts where there was music, but no singing. I didn't want it to look stupid with me just standing there doing the sign for "music", so I decided to play with the video editor I have some more. It turned out WAY better than I expected! Here's that video:

A Thousand Miles From Nowhere in ASL

Now, from time to time, I take suggestions from friends for songs they want me to try. I never promise anything, but I always listen to the song and try to perform the ASL if it's at all possible. If you want to get updates on new ASL videos from me faster, here's the link to my channel. You can subscribe to me, or just have some fun and browse through the videos.

Trinity4h's Channel

I'm currently working on more songs by translating them and will post more videos as I remember to. Hope everyone's summer is fun, but not too hot! Chi pisa lachike! See you later!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This is coming a little (okay, more like A LOT) late, but I finally found out the results of my freshman year of college!
First semester: 3.96 GPA
Second semester: 4.00 GPA
End result is that I made the President's Honor Roll!

There is even more exciting news in my world! (Yes, that last bit was exciting cause I'm nerdy and weird like that) On July 6th, I get to see Jeff Dunham perform. Here's a clip for anyone who is unsure of who he is:
He's a great ventriloquist with several puppets he brings on stage, Peanut just happens to be my favorite.

AND if THAT wasn't news enough, I get to see the extraordinary Dwight Yoakam once again on August 18th! Pictures (and hopefully video) will come. I know many people may be unsure who he is so, here's a music video and a clip from one of the movies he was in:

First, the music video for "A Thousand Miles from Nowhere:

And here's the movie clip from the movie "Panic Room" released in 2002. This is a movie about a woman and her daughter who are trapped in their panic room after three men break into the house (which they assume is empty) to steal some bond notes that are hidden in, where else, the panic room. Jodie Foster plays Meg (the mother), Kristen Stewart plays Sarah (the daughter), Jared Leto is Junior (the head bad guy), Forest Whitaker is Burnham (the machinist who builds panic rooms), and Dwight Yoakam plays Raoul (the crazy psychopath wearing the ski mask). This clip shows one of several ways these guys try to get Meg and Sarah out of the Panic Room. I like this movie, but if a lot of cussing bothers you, this clip may not be your thing. In this clip, the guys try pumping gas, through the air vent, into the panic room to make the girls open the door. Watch to see how well it works:

This is gonna be a GREAT summer! :D