Halito means hello in Choctaw. Welcome to the Council Fire. This is just a place where I plan to post thoughts on things, videos, pictures, and possibly some stories. Hope you enjoy what you read!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The "Not-So-Irresistibly Sweet Blogger" lol

 Well, I would like to thank Mr. Valance so much for this apparent honor. Although some people may not think I am deserving (shutup, sis) I have hereby been awarded the:

Well, rules are rules, and nothing in life is ever totally free, right? Now, 7 things most people don't know about me:

1. I'm a pretty decent photographer, even though I don't always enjoy it. Some people have tried to take advantage of the fact that I'm always really nice when I take pictures for them, and that's not cool :(

2. Over the last summer, I donated 13 inches to Locks of Love. My hair is still fairly short, and it annoys me because I can't feel my braid on my back, and I can't see it when I throw it over my shoulder.

3. You can tell from my profile picture that I like archery, but did you know that I don't like to hunt? Yep, it's true. I'm one of the few Okies who just doesn't care for it.

4. I LOVE Country music! My FAVORITE artist is Dwight Yoakam! He's such a cutie pie :)
Once again, an older picture, but, who cares? Hee hee...

5. I am a published author (and, no, I'm not talking about this blog). I have had 3 poems and 1 essay published in National Anthologies (and that was while I was in high school!)

6. I like crafts, mostly working with leather, weaving, cross-stitch, and drawing. In high school, people LOVED the dreamcatchers and cowboy boots. I made them with people's initials, their favorite flower, sometimes even the emblem for their club! (like the one I did for 4-H)

7. I am a student of Native American Culture. I have a major in History, and my emphasis will be on Native culture. I also have a minor in Choctaw Language and Culture.

I know that there's no juicy gossip in there about me y'all can spread around and talk about, but I have always tried to delve into my studies, so this is what you get. If you want to know anything else, just ask! I'll do my best to give you a straight-forward answer that you're looking for. Until next time, have a nice day! (Oh! and, about those concert pictures, they'll be up soon enough :D Just have to finish cleaning off the home keyboard. Don't know how all that drool got on there! lol )


  1. That's fine, Trinity. Other than the drool, maybe. Seems to me you're just all round talented.

    1. Thanks, Mr. Valance. i got my keyboard clean now, and I promise never to go through that again! I try to keep an open mind and try my hand at a variety of things. You never know what you're good at till you try :) right?

  2. Yup, I reckon so. My Pa said the same thing when I told him I was thinking of robbing the bank. He also told me not to get caught, but he didn't tell me that part till he came visiting me in jail.

  3. Taught you a lesson, though, didn't it? Ha ha! Bet you won't do it the same way next time! lol