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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quick Little Poem

I have had 3 poems published so far, and here is the latest. Tell me what you think about it.

Dancing with the Ancestors

As I lay sleeping one spring night,
I start to have dreams of ghosts and sprites.
They all appear to me as dancers and singers
And they are sending messages that are real hum-dingers.
One is wearing an Apache Ghan mask, while another’s in Cherokee attire,
And they speak in strange tongues, making me feel like the “fifth tire”.
I don’t understand their babbling that continues to go on,
When, suddenly, they stop, like they have forgotten their song.
I ask, “What is wrong? Why have you stopped?”
They start to fade, but one steps forward and says in English that’s chopped,
“We are the messengers of the Great Spirit, and we have something for you.”
He continues to go on as I’m wondering what I could do.
“The People are evil, and do only wrong, but we think that you can assist.”
I ask what I could do, and He says, “Just listen to the Mist.
We shall give you the words to set the People free from sin,
But you must be strong and never give in.”
As I’m standing there, with questions running through my mind,
They all fade out, and the scene begins to unwind.
I look all around me, and see just one rod,
And later I realize that the spirits gave it to me to prove that I talked to God.


  1. Hi miss T very nice post. Saw you over on Valance's porch thought I'd stop in and say hi. Hawk/miss houston

  2. See Trinity? You never know who might just drop in. Well, like I said, poetry ain't my thing, but it's good to see you up and running. And a song for you to consider signing to... Don't Be Cruel, by Elvis. I reckon Miss Houston would like that, too.

  3. Howdy, Miss Houston. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed this poem.

    Thanks again, Mr. Valance. I decided to try a variety of things, poetry included. I'll have to take another listen to "Don't Be Cruel". Thanks!

  4. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed, Pard.

  5. OH ELVIS!!!! YES!!!! I Love ELVIS!!!!! You'll see I have him on my blog and he's singing fever and talk in your sleep ...both songs are HOT!!!!

    Come on over Miss T and visit I don't bite!

    Miss Housty/Hawk

  6. Yes, Miss Housty, I visited you for a spell. It was very cool! LOVE those Elvis songs you have. We'll get along fine, cause I don't bite...much.

  7. LOL, glad to hear you don't bite "much" my bite can be worse than my bark...LOL so we will get along just fine, girl...we got the same humor!

    Oh, Elvis is the king of me heart!

    Big hugs *hoping to get on your blogs I visit list* ;-) LOL

    Hawk/Miss Housty

  8. I can't believe that I forgot to do that when I was visitin your place, Miss Housy!!! I fixed it now, though. Good to know that we can get along.

  9. Miss T ... What you see on the Porch is a Character...you'll find I get along with everyone.

    Thanks fot adding me...that was sweet of you and I'll get you added to mine as well!


  10. Okay, I wasn't sure if you were the same person onn all the stuff or not. I'll have to stay Miss Trinity everywhere (I don't want to get confused! lol). I need to go back to your blog and listen to those songs again, think I may be able to do one in ASL, but I don't remember which one! Have a GREAT day!


  11. Blame me for the confusion, Trinity. On the Porch I address all ladies as 'Miss' (Miss Houston, Miss Barbara, Miss April, Miss JJ etc.) Anywhere else, I stick to their blog names, mostly.

  12. Well, I try to do the same everywhere, especially if I don't have permission to call them otherwise. Guess I was raised the old-fashioned way!

  13. Stopping in to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


  14. Thanks, Hawk! I was away from the internet the last few days, just visiting family.